Environmental Cleaning

24/7 Emergency Biohazard Disinfecting Service

Environmental Cleaning

Why Choose One Call Environmental & Cleaning

  • 24/7 emergency biohazard disinfecting service
  • Response time in as little as 60 minutes
  • 100% free estimates
  • Help with any size project
  • Accredited & Insured in Wisconsin
  • IICRC Certified
  • Follows CDC & EPA guidelines
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We Specialize In:

  • Duct Cleaning
  • Silica Removal
  • Mold Removal
  • Air Quality Testing
  • Insulation Removal
  • Asbestos Removal

About One Call Environmental & Cleaning’s Environmental Cleaning Services

The idea that after suffering an illness, accident or sickness you will need Environmental Cleaning services on your property is never pleasant, but the idea that you have One Call Environmental & Cleaning to help out is a gift. Here we are proud to deliver the finest work in the company, and that comes from caring for our craft and recruiting only the best biohazard disinfecting employees. We just want to restore property in the way it should be, and we’re going to go through the best practices to make sure that happens. If you would like more details or have any questions, please call us today at (608) 218-4442.

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At One Call Environmental & Cleaning, when it comes to tools to decontaminate the property we use the best in the industry. We’re going the extra mile to ensure that our Environmental Cleaning services get rid of any pollution, disease or infectious disease on your land. Our infectious disease decontamination specialists really enjoy what they’re doing and aim to ease your mind and do an effective and safe job on your home or business. Just pick up today’s phone and call us at (608) 218-4442, we’re so looking forward to working with you! We are accessible 24/7 to ensure that we can fill in all your calls, no matter the time.

Call Now — (608) 218-4442

What To Do When An Outbreak Occurs

If you need some sort Environmental Cleaning operation, minor or major, on your home or office property, calling the professionals at One Call Environmental & Cleaning is the right call. When it comes to clearing your property from danger sickness or infectious disease, we only use the finest equipment in the company, because we want to help alleviate your pressure and provide safe services. To better serve you, contact our environmental containment technicians today at (608) 218-4442. We’re open 24/7. We’re worried about you, call now!

We specialize in the following.

Air Duct Cleaning 

Make your home more comfortable and healthy by cleaning your ventilation system can greatly reduce dust and allergens in your home.  If your home is over a year old, dust particles can cling to every square inch of your air duct system. Both new homes and old homes can benefit from routine air duct cleaning by OneCall.  If you’ve recently renovated your home, it’s also a wise idea to have your ducts cleaned as much dust and debris are dispersed throughout your home. Our state of the art cleaning system will help eliminate the particles that have built up in your home’s ductwork and will deliver improved air quality.

Dry Vent Cleaning

Improve Drying Efficiency & Reduce the Fire Risk, OneCalls dryer vent cleaning service removes lint, bird nests and articles of clothing from dryer duct.  A clean dryer vent allows your clothes to dry more quickly using less energy and wear and tear on your appliance.  And poorly maintained dryer vents pose a serious risk of fire! We use specialized high-powered compressed air nozzles, custom brushes,  and vacuum equipment to clean your dryer vent from the transition duct all the way to the termination. Perfect for:

  • Home and Condos
  • Apartments
  • Salons
  • Laundry Matts
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